You would *think* that golf is not dub.  But let’s not be too hasty.  Below is some material to help us decide:

rush limbaugh not dub

Rush Limbaugh in his golf attire confirms our initial suspicions.  Golf is hopelessly sans-Dub.

tiger woods not dub

We love Tiger, but he is not Dub.  This is not looking good, Golf!

Let’s look at some LINKS ROOTS.

1920 golf dub

Aha! This sartorially-saavy gent may be Golf’s saving grace.  Well done!

john daly dub

We don’t really care about John Daly, but THIS GUY IS DUB FULLY FLARED!  We are dazed and confused.  As much Dub as there isn’t in Golf, there also is!  We have learned a lesson today.  Don’t judge Jah Dub Categories too hastily!


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