What make it Dub so?

A definition of Dub is hard to nail down.  Yes, it is an amazing musical genre that has had a huge influence on modern dance and popular music, and yes hip-hop owes everything to dub:

Hip hop arose during the 1970s when block parties became increasingly popular in New York City, especially in the Bronx. Block parties incorporated DJs who played popular genres of music, especially funk and soul music. DJs, realizing its positive reception, began isolating the percussion breaks of popular songs. This technique was then common in Jamaican dub music[7][8] and had spread to New York City via the substantial Jamaican immigrant community. A major proponent of the technique was the “godfather” of hip hop, the Jamaican-born DJ Kool Herc.

Dub music had become popular in Jamaica due to the influence of American sailors and Rhythm & Blues. Large sound systems were set up to accommodate poor Jamaicans who couldn’t afford to buy records and dub developed at the sound systems. DJ Kool Herc was one of the most popular DJs in the early 70’s. Due to the fact that the New York audience did not particularly like dub or reggae, Herc quickly switched to using funk, soul and disco records. Because the percussive breaks were generally short, Herc and other DJs began extending them using an audio mixer and two records.

Turntablist techniques, such as beat mixing/matching, scratching (seemingly invented by Grand Wizard Theodore) and beat juggling eventually developed along with the breaks, creating a base that could be rapped over. This same techniques contributed to the popularization of remixes. Such looping, sampling and remixing of another’s music, sometimes without the original artist’s knowledge or consent, can be seen as an evolution of Jamaican dub music, [7][8] and would become a hallmark of the hip hop style.

Jamaican immigrants also provided an influence on the vocal style of rapping by delivering simple raps at their parties, inspired by the Jamaican tradition of toasting.[7][9] DJs and MCs would often add call and response chants, often comprising of a basic chorus, to allow the performer to gather his thoughts (e.g. “one, two, three, y’all, to the beat, y’all”).

but dub is more.  Always more.

Dub is roots reggae-Jamaican Jazz.  It’s an accidental form of music that started off when somebody forgot to put in the vocal track.  It’s early innovators in tape effects.  It’s a culture of block parties with huge sound systems.  Dub has humor and dub smoke ganja.  Dub is…eventually going to be explained through hundreds of pictures.


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